We Have A Comic!


This is a pretty delayed update, but it’s been a pretty hectic couple of week! The series will finally have a comic! It’ll be soon so standby for future updates.

The comic will be created in partnership with the Dabel Brothers and will be focusing on two different main characters. Each one will be following their characters perspective and their adventures as they work to accomplish their goals.

The first character is Thomas Drayke: Emperor of the Paradisian Empire well into the height of his career. He possesses no superpowers and no otherworldly abilities in a setting full of them, but because of his wits and reputation he is able to retain control of a vast intergalactic empire. He started off as a conman, but once he left Earth his career quickly took off and he found himself elevated as the head of an empire. The comic will show his subsequent fall from grace and his struggle to reclaim his throne after a horrendous accident causes him to be believed dead. Thomas is both arrogant and vengeful. His comic will show him as he scrapes and fights his way back to the top of his empire. It’ll be an aversion of the classic heroic tropes as while Thomas fights for lofty ideals and goals his willingness to deem any action necessary in pursuit of those goals makes him extremely dangerous.

The second character is a young boy who has been chosen to bring peace to the universe. He is fated to defeat the emperor and stop the world from ending. While he is reluctant he eventually gains the will power to embrace his destiny and slowly works on uncovering the potential of his hidden powers. He is taken under the wing of a secret cabal of magic users who are trying to survive under the Paradisian Empire’s control.

The plan for the comics is to subvert and work as a love letter to classic tropes of genre fiction. It takes typically “evil” characters like Thomas Drayke and fleshes out their character of what kind of man would be able to create a massive empire while also having fun with it. The entire series is meant to be a fun ride and take classic character conventions and try to toss them on their head, switch them around, and overall just have a blast at what kind of crazy concoctions can be created by the recipe.

Over all, a comic series will be coming soon. Stay tuned these next couple of weeks!


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