An Overview

So, I’ve been told there may be some of you that do not pay attention to galactic news, like, at all. I was shocked to learn that here on Earth there are many humans that have never even heard of Thomas Drayke even those he’s one of them! Guess it’s up to me to fill you guys in.

Well starting out it’s kind of difficult to explain. Thomas was a lot of things on Earth. He used a lot of aliases and did whatever to get by. In essence he was basically a conman. He used his confidence to fake knowledge and skills he didn’t have. Now, he could have just spent his entire life like this. He could have just survived day to day and never have to work hard in his life, but eventually he started to want something more.

Fast forward and eventually that man becomes emperor of a galactic empire. His fleets unstoppable, his armies terrifying, and his inquisitors handsome. He becomes the most powerful in the entire universe and holds entire planets in his iron grip. It’s really thrilling stuff! Now, of course there’s a lot of stuff in between. Men don’t just become galactic dictators walking back from their local Starbucks. That’s why I’ve been assigned to chronicle his rise to power. shutterstock_222973105

I may get in trouble for saying this, but Thomas Drayke is in essence a real villain. My bosses don’t like to use that word but it’s kind of true. You see the man is not the nicest guy. He’s not some holy paladin or chosen one on a quest. He’s a conniving conman whose setting out on forging an empire by ruthlessly cutting down those that stand in his way. There are heroes in this story but usually they stand against the emperor.

For the first section of the chronicle I’ve been expected to start from Thomas Drayke’s first steps into space. How the young man took his first steps onto Prison One Zero Nine as it’s security chief (a job he secured through bribery and string pulling) and how he won over both the security teams and the prisoners. The conman goes rogue against his boss Torian and with the help of the people of the station he is able to oust the warden and install himself as head of the prison.


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