First Contact

Ah first contact, nothing feels quite like it. I am an Inquisitor of the Empire, and have been assigned writing duty. It falls unto me to chronicle the history of our emperor, Thomas Drayke and his exploits. Usually I would be on the front lines, ensuring order and discipline, but after some accidents involving a potato and a squirt gun I’ve been assigned to Earth. If I get popular enough here, I will be able to get reassigned do that I can meet my friends again! So make sure to stay-tuned for updates, or else I’ll be stuck on this rock for the rest of my life. Which as we all know would be a terrible waste of my skills!

The development process for writing is harder than I anticipated, but after being forced into the assignment, I’ve started to get use to it. Well, as used to it as someone who was forcibly removed from active duty, and who longs to be returned to it, can be. I’ve started learning to set goals for myself. In the Inquisition, we were usually expected to respond to things as they came to us. It made my job easy because I could lounge about until I was needed, but when you try to set the same goal for writing, I find myself easily making excuses such as “it can wait tomorrow,” or “this cool new game just came out.” Priorities! It led to some pretty awful results. I’ve settled myself on writing at least five hundred words a day. I’m planning to increase the amount as I get used to my new job, but great things start from humble beginnings!

I’m expected to run this public relations job while chronicling the origins of the emperor. I’m actually surprised no one has done it before since you would think in a giant intergalactic empire there would be at least one person with nothing better to do with their time. I know the galaxy eagerly anticipates the great work which will come from my terminal. I do know though that some of you won’t be able to restrain your anticipation. While you wait for me to finish, I eagerly advise you to read the Earth author Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. A fellow chronicler, she has been a great help in teaching me the ropes, and I’ve heard she is quite popular to boot. Check her out if you got the time!

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